Services Provided

Interview & Assessment: Individuals interested in accessing services at the Laurel Centre are scheduled for an Interview & Assessment appointment with one of our therapists to explore their individualized needs and identify their goals for therapy. After this session, individuals are placed on the waitlist for the Long Term Program.

Pre-Therapy Program: Once on the waitlist for the Long Term Program, clients are able to access our Pre-Therapy Program which includes:

Understanding and Coping with Trauma: (5-6 group sessions): A psychoeducational group that focuses on the effects of childhood trauma, identifying trauma symptoms, exploring self-regulation techniques, and learning and practicing alternative coping strategies. This group is offered 4-6 times a year.

Capacity Building Workshops: (1-3 group sessions):Monthly workshops that provide information and/or build capacity in a variety of areas. Specific topics are based on client need and suggestions. Some workshops bring in a speaker from another agency/resource in the community. Past workshop topics have included: Grounding with Nature, Mindfulness, Grounding and Soothing with Art, Coping Through the Holidays, Menopause, and Dealing with Anxiety. Please Note: We strongly encourage clients to complete Understanding and Coping with Trauma before attending our Capacity Building Workshops.

Short Term Therapy (6-8 individual sessions): Clients on the wait list for Long Term Therapy who do not have other supports may be referred to the Pre-Therapy Counsellor for short term therapy. The focus of short term therapy is building safety and stability.

Support & Advocacy: (1-3 individual sessions) Our Pre-Therapy Councellor is available to support clients in accessing community resources and/or complex systems (CFS, EIA, Healthcare). As an agency, we recognize that group settings can be anxiety provoking. To ensure groups are comfortable and safe for all, we aim for small group sizes (averages 6-8 participants).

Long Term Therapy Program: Trauma specific individual therapy is offered to clients for up to two years on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The Laurel Centre acknowledges the uniqueness and strength of each client. We meet clients where they are at, encouraging them to set the pace for sessions.

Couples Therapy Programm: Clients in long term therapy at TLC or MRC may be referred to Couples Therapy by their therapist. These sessions provide clients and their partners the opportunity to work issues related to trust, intimacy, sexuality, and communication. Couples therapy is offered for up to one year.

Parenting Program: Individual parenting sessions (up to 8 sessions) and parenting groups/workshops are offered to clients who are pregnant or are caring for children between the ages of 0-6. This trauma specific parenting program helps caregivers gain an understanding of how their trauma has impacted their parenting, explores healthy parent/child attachment, and introduces tools to help parents take care of themselves while staying present with their children. This program is available to both clients on the waitlist and clients in the Long Term Therapy Program.